University Minister in chapel with students seated listening.
University Ministries

University Ministries

We exist to help you in your spiritual journey. A healthy spiritual life is an important part of a happy and successful college experience, and growing spiritually is as vital as growing physically, socially, and intellectually as you encounter the challenges of college life.

University Minister

One guide along the path of your spiritual journey is our University Minister, who serves as campus pastor to all members of the Wesleyan community regardless of their religious affiliation. The University Minister serves as the campus pastor and is available for personal counseling, religious and vocational counseling, and spiritual guidance.

Campus Worship Service

Join the Wesleyan community on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. for our campus wide worship service. Worship is intimate and informal, yet relevant for the needs of the Wesleyan community. Held in various places around campus (for location check weekly email), our gatherings are Christian worship services that incorporate a variety of styles and music. You are welcome to join and enjoy a community of spiritual seekers looking for a deeper connection with God.

Diversified Religious Life Programs

The University intends to provide an active, diversified religious life program designed to meet the total range of students’ spiritual development needs. Activities and organizations, including Cru, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), the Wesleyan Student Fellowship, and the NWU Catholics (FOCUS) provide students with opportunities for fellowship, community service, and celebration. Spiritual resource persons are also available to students.

The Mattingly and Swan lectures annually present speakers who focus on religion, ethics, and values.

Internships and Service Learning Opportunities

Internship and service-learning opportunities are available in the University Minister’s office and in local, national and international religious communities. For more information about religious life activities and/or organizations, contact University Ministries in Old Main 105 or 106, ext. 2222.